Celebrating Black Joy With ‘Artwork Is Revolution’

When I first considered colour and painting predominantly or completely in a single color the work that sprang to thoughts have been the sunflower work of Van Gogh.

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Opera theatre,Art & Culture,Art & Design,Art & Visual,Music ,Global Art NewsRock is a genre that has been integrated into society, and is taken into account the common style. This improbable image of Venice was painted in 1904 by Paul Signac, and could be discovered in the Musee D’Orsay in Paris Signac studied the work of Georges Seurat as a young artist, and became fascinated with Pointillism and the science behind it. Pointillism uses small dabs of damaged colour reasonably than sweeping brushstrokes, and colors are chosen to harmonize and improve one another in a very specific way.

The artist himself described it as, “the home and its setting underneath a sulphur solar beneath a pure cobalt sky.” Yellow and blue, a color combination that recurs all through the … Read More